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Expedine is a digital menu ordering, customer relationship management (CRM), and restaurant management solution. Expedine introduces a dynamic customer interface on tablet computers that simplifies the ordering process and provides convenience to the guests. Expedine replaces or complements the traditional static paper menu and the verbal/notepad ordering system while maintaining the interaction between servers and guests. Expedine also increases revenue for restaurants by an average of 10% while reducing food costs and increasing table turn-over rates.

Our Mission

Expedine was started in 2011 when our founder, Dr. Garrett Lang, realized that most restaurants did very little to address the specific needs of individuals with allergy and dietary restrictions, primarily because they have not been taking advantage of available technology. Dr. Lang also realized that a digital ordering and data management system could be developed as a solution to the restaurants’ inability to adequately address specific customer needs while at the same time serving as a platform to greatly enhance restaurant efficiency, improve customer loyalty, lower costs and increase profitability. This is the mission of Expedine.

Upcoming Events

Ocean City Trade Expo

Where: Ocean City, Maryland

When: March 9-10, 2014

Show Special: Visit Expedine at booth #1004 for a chance to win a FREE YEAR of software licensing of our digital menu ordering, CRM and restaurant management solution!


Up-Selling and Impulse Orders

Expedine is designed to help up-sell. Beer and wine pairings along with other suggestions and recommendations help increase the average check size for restaurants. The rich graphics and detailed descriptions help spark impulse purchases. Humans are very visual creatures and we play right into that. Larger check sizes mean more revenue for the restaurants.

Increased Order Accuracy

To reduce mistakes, customers can review their orders. Less mistakes means less losses for the restaurants. The servers are not eliminated from the ordering process. They are, however, freed up to provide better service to the customers. We like to think of it as a tag-team approach. The servers can still review the orders with the customers and can make changes to the orders from their own server dashboard. The server can control the entire flow of the dining experience.


The entire Expedine system is fully customizable and branded to each restaurant. Provide us with your graphics and our talented graphic designers can set everything up or allow us to provide you with the specifications and you can design the layouts yourselves. Either way, your customers will receive a unique experience when interacting with the Expedine digital ordering system in your restaurant.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers have the ability to create accounts (via Expedine or their favorite social media outlet) but account creation is not required. Customers always have the option to order as a guest. Customers who create accounts receive a personalized experience tailored to their needs. They are able to filter the menu based on their allergens or dietary needs, and can even view and re-order from their order history. All of this speeds up the ordering process which helps increase the table turn-over rates for the restaurants, reducing wait-times and allowing them to seat more tables in a given day.